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BOSTON, June 16, 2014  - MEGA has introduced HOPEX Regulatory Compliance to help companies meet...
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MEGA Byte #8: Streamlining Process Management Using Process Frameworks

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A recognized specialist in enterprise architecture and governance, risk and compliance, MEGA has more than 75,000 active users in 40 countries, with software in five languages.

Since 1991, MEGA has provided organizations with professional software to help understand and reduce operational complexity, implement internal controls, and manage associated risks.

The MEGA Suite is comprised of four categories of tools:
- modeling tools
- control tools
- transformation tools
- communication tools

The MEGA Suite is modular. Each tool may be used independently or combined with other tools, depending on the project context. All products are based on a common platform. The MEGA Suite also supports standard libraries and frameworks.

mega products overview



The MEGA Suite provides repository-based modeling tools to support projects ranging from process analysis to risk and control mapping to application analysis and design.

The MEGA Suite provides control tools for data mapping, identifying relationships between risks and controls and the business, workflow management, content management, and reporting. These tools help coordinate risk, establish controls, compliance, and audit activities and help ensure accurate documentation to track and evaluate information.  

The MEGA Suite provides transformation tools to organize changes, simulate new organizations and plan associated activities.

Collaboration is key to project success. The MEGA Suite provides communication and collaboration tools to facilitate information sharing with decision-makers and empower all stakeholders in the enterprise through an organization-wide collaborative environment.

MEGA has built libraries of pre-constructed models and best practices frameworks for recognized industry standards. These libraries have been built to accelerate projects based on these standards.

The MEGA Suite is based on a solid platform and built on a common and shared repository, which is a valuable asset for storing and managing information. The repository includes the following standard services...