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Events > Press release from 10th of June Business Breakfast

On 10th of June BPM International organized a business breakfast in Bucharest.

This event was signed with presence of the representatives of the biggest romanian enterprises which shows the great interest towards the process management instruments already widely spread around the world but only getting implemented on the romanian market.
The purpose of the event was to highlight the synergy of process management and business intelligence.
In the first part took place the presentation of Mega Inc. assigned by Ionas Romain, Area Manager EMEA, an informative overview by a BPMI representative of the benefits of the MEGA software use as well as an example of successful implementation.

Following the break took place the presentation of Microstrategy which introduced its BI offers accompanied by a live demo for a better illustration of Microstrategy’s BI solution.

After this the audience could listen to another experience of MEGA software implementation presented from Allianz Tiriac representative.

Finally, the participants could change their experiences with the experts and company representatives.

We can declare the business breakfast successful since the participants expressed their satisfaction concerning the presentations.