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BOSTON, June 16, 2014  - MEGA has introduced HOPEX Regulatory Compliance to help companies meet...
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Thursday, August 28 | 11:00am EDTIntegrating processes across the organization can often lead to...


MEGA Byte #8: Streamlining Process Management Using Process Frameworks

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The purpose of BPM International Ltd. is to provide professional support and related services to its clients with the help of tools on the cutting edge of enterprise architecture technologies in order to support them gaining significant competitive advantage on their specific markets.
We support our clients to optimize their operation with choosing the right tool and utlizing it in the proper way. We also organize trainings for MEGA users to make the imlpementation process smoother and faster.

Being a leader on a market is impossible without possessing the ablitity to adapt to continuous changes, manage challenges with a proactive attitude and being able to achieve better results investing less resources than others.


With over 20 years of expertise in the field of process analysis and improvement MEGA has the necessary traits for making the entire operation of a company trasparent and thus managable from the customer value chains to everyday operation. This is inevitable for smooth and streamlined operation and also for projects aiming significant improvements and optimization.

MEGA has been the number one market leader of EA tools for years. MEGA credits its unique position in the market to the focus on business performance, and its ability to deliver business value to ambitious customers that want to optimize, transform, and govern their entire organization.


Leverage control over operations, manage risks to be able to improve business performance. MEGA GRC offers solutions for three main areas.


Contributing to international standards bodies and professional associations has been a strategic practice for MEGA since its creation. This has allowed the company to offer standards-based platform tools that help our customers stay at the forefront of technology.