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BOSTON, June 16, 2014  - MEGA has introduced HOPEX Regulatory Compliance to help companies meet...
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Thursday, August 28 | 11:00am EDTIntegrating processes across the organization can often lead to...


MEGA Byte #8: Streamlining Process Management Using Process Frameworks

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Thursday, August 28 | 11:00am EDT

Integrating processes across the organization can often lead to unnecessary complexity if managed in silos. How are you making sure that data from different lines of business and various projects is being incorporated into your operating model appropriately?

Thursday, July 31 | 11:00am EDT

Create traceability of your operating model to ensure productivity is not lost and costs do not spiral out of control.

In this year's InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards, six winning companies show how transformative initiatives translate to business success


Budapest, 18. November, 2010

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 At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to spend a day together with other partners and colleagues, exchanging experiences, profiting from the common knowledge, discussing ideas and receiving the latest information on MEGA Modeling and GRC products. The event will feature case studies, success stories and product overviews as well.


Have you already thought about how to rationalise the operation of your company in the present financial-economic situation, which has a big effect on the future also?

Do you know that operational costs must be reduced so as to realise profit even in hard times but do not know how to begin?

Are you looking for the appropriate method and asset in order to increase the effectiveness of your company?


  • Business process modeling / analyzing
  • Process management system operation
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Operative Risk Management
  • Data and database design
  • IT system planning

9th & 10th March 2010
One Whitehall Place, Westminster, London

Levraging Architecture For Business Impact
March 2-3, 2010
London, United Kingdom

With the participation of Chartis Research
In the past few years, regulations have multiplied throughout the world. Though compliance aims to control company activities, the route to compliance is often perceived as a difficult one. Moreover, leveraging compliance as an opportunity to improve business remains a challenge.
This Business Breakfast will feature Andrea Mazzocchi, one of the CFOs responsible for the 262 Project at UniCredit Group, one of Europe’s major financial institutions. He will discuss the process-based approach used throughout the entire UniCredit Group to gain 262 compliance, a regulation often coined as the “Italian SOX”, and explain how regulatory compliance strengthened the overall business and brought new perspectives on risk and controls.

On 10th of June BPM International organized a business breakfast in Bucharest.