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MEGA Byte #8: Streamlining Process Management Using Process Frameworks

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Solutions > Frameworks and Standards

Contributing to international standards bodies and professional associations has been a strategic practice for MEGA since its creation. This has allowed the company to offer standards-based platform tools that help our customers stay at the forefront of technology.


In addition, MEGA continuously consolidate the options provided by different architecture frameworks into the MEGA Suite, so it can deliver the best solutions  to meet very individualized customer projects and environments.

MEGA Suite offers tools for the following standards and frameworks:

- MEGA ITSM Accelerator for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
- MEGA eTOM Accelerator for the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map

In addition, MEGA provides complete support for enterprise architecture frameworks, such as TOGAF 9 or ArchiMate, and those used for complex system architecture in the defense and security industries:
- MEGA for TOGAF for The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF 9)
- MEGA for ArchiMate for the Support of the ArchiMate Framework
- MEGA for DoDAF for the U.S. Department of Defense Architecture Framework
- MEGA for NAF for the NATO Architecture Framework