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News > MEGA Introduces Business Architecture Solution

Increased transparency into enterprise operations enables business transformation

RAYNHAM, Mass., July 27, 2010 –MEGA, an industry leader in enterprise architecture (EA) and business process analysis (BPA) announced today that it will deliver a comprehensive business architecture (BA) solutions, making in the first EA provider to offer a dedicated and copmlete BA solution.

BA is a growing practice to align business and IT strategies through cross-functional transparency. This visibility into company operations facilitates effective business planning and organizational transformation. BA provides views into capabilities, motivation, and processes that span division boundaries, product lines, customer groups, capabilities, and processes.

“Our 2010 research shows that 40% of organizations now have an established business architecture program. And most of the rest are working toward creating one,” wrote Jeff Scott, of Forrester Research, Inc. in his March 15, 2010 blog post, Interest In Business Architecture Heats Up.

“Business architecture is an essential discipline for organizations seeking robust, long-term solutions to a variety of business challenges,” explained William Ulrich, a noted BA expert and president of TSG, Inc.

Through BA, business blueprints create a common understanding of the organization to help meet business demands. BA is often used to:
· assess and streamline major investments
· improve customer information management
· consolidate post-merger, post-acquisition business units and product lines
· incorporate outsourced and partner solutions
· conform to compliance and audit requirements

“Advanced companies are using BA as a holistic, business-centric approach to solving complex challenges within a company,” explained Greg Suddreth, BA practice director for STA Group, and co-author of the soon-to-be released book, Business Architecture – the Path to Real Business Transformation.

“MEGA has provided us with the means to visualize the business architecture in a manner consistent with our other architectural views. This capability provides valuable insight into how to manage change in our company. The business architecture at GeoEye defines the business strategy, governance, organization, and key business processes. It ties together a wide variety of perspectives of the GeoEye ecosystem, including risk management and operational excellence,” explained Hugh Klipp, business process manager at GeoEye.

This BA solution is based on the MEGA Suite’s proven methodology. For nearly 20 years, MEGA’s approach has included the business side of architecture – strategy, processes and organization – as a cornerstone of any EA program. This makes MEGA the most business-focused EA vendor, with customers like GeoEye and many insurance companies already using the solution.

The solution relies on the MEGA Suite repository and includes business blueprint templates to streamline the blueprints commonly scattered across organizations in hard-to-manage spreadsheets or drawing tools. These blueprints have been tested to insure visibility into business operations and a sound and proactive dialog between business groups and IT.

It offers all necessary tools and models to increase transparency, promote a common understanding of the organization, and meet strategic and tactical demands. The solution includes capability maps, value chains, organizational and operational models, value streams, information flow, and supply chain models. The central capabilities and corresponding capability maps are used by business architects to help CIOs, PMOs, and risk managers focus on what really creates value and is important to the business. A methodology is embedded within the MEGA Suite so users can readily implement BA in a logical, consistent manner and consolidate best practices.

The solution will be available in September.