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News > BPM International Has Organized a Business Breakfast in Bucharest

Budapest, May 4, 2010 – BPM International has organized a business breakfast in Bucharest on April 27th, 2010. The aim of the event was to present MEGA software and consulting solutions to the TOP 200 Romanian customers. The event knew a high interest and was attended by a lot of experts.

After the welcoming speech of Mr. Tamás Czene, sales director of BPM International, Mr. Romain Ionas, the regional manager of MEGA International has presented a general overview on MEGA solutions. On one hand, MEGA has solutions in order to help enterprises achieving and implementing projects for Business Process Analysis, Enterprise Architecture Initiatives, IT Planning and IT System Analysis and Design. On the other hand,

MEGA supports enterprises in multilateral projects such as Enterprise Governance and Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, Internal Audit Initiatives and Control Systems and Compliance issues. Based on one powerful repository, MEGA provides Modeling, Control, Transformation and Communication tools, aligning the goals of the enterprise with the operative tasks, and involving all the stakeholders concerned by this processes.

The next presentation, kept by Mr. Vladimir Aristov, partner manager of BPM International, focused on the deeper description of MEGA modules. He lightened out the possibilities of MEGA Process BPMN modul which is totally aligned with the international BPMN process modeling notation, the advantages got by company integrating MEGA Process and Architecture, and MEGA Architecture and IT Planning modules and features.

After a short break Mr. Andrei Velicanu from BRD Romania shared his company’s experiences concerning MEGA use, focusing on the benefits that such a tool could provide them. He was followed by Mr. Tamás Czene who briefly explained the BPM International partner network structure. His key message was that BPM International does its best at transferring its know-how and best practices to the partners.

Finally Mr. Cosmin Marin and Ms. Zsuzsanna Erőss from AAM Romania, a BPM International partner presented why the process management approach is so important for the companies. In the end of the event a lottery was organized where a free process workshop was raffled. The winner was LLP consulting company. A replacing winner has been selected as well in representation of Gedeon Richter pharmaceutical company.

BPM International, the regional distributor of MEGA softwares is recognized for providing expert business and MEGA BPA (Business Process Analysis) software consultancy to leading corporations in 18 Eastern European countries. BPM International, the regional distributor of MEGA softwares in Central and Eastern Europe will continue its series of business breakfast among the region. MEGA is a software tool highly recognized by Gartner and Forrester analytical companies either in the Enterprise Architecture (EA), Business Process Modeling (BPM) or in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) domains.